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I Created A Successful Online Business By…


Spending many hours reading & studying.


Getting help from successful Internet Marketers.

About sViterbi

My name is Viterbi and I have been in the Internet Marketing field for some years now. I was also in your place some time ago, looking for honest and accurate resources, hoping that I could be taught how to succeed online!

Viterbi At His Desk

I knew what I wanted to do (Affiliate Marketing – Internet Marketing – building an Online Business) with the only problem being, I didn’t have the slightest idea how to get there! And that’s how I lost a lot of money.

I started trying product after product and I tried to get as much as I could out of them all. I learned how to work until 2-3 AM, every night,
always keeping my day job.

  • Being Serious

    I have started being serious with affiliate marketing and the idea of creating my own online business when I joined
    Wealthy Affiliate University a few years back.

  • After a few months

    After a few months of hard work and perseverance I managed to make a fair amount of money online (few hundred $s/month).

  • My online income

    Following that, I’ve learned ways to make more and more, year after year. Today I generate an income online and this is one of the reasons I love affiliate marketing

  • What about you?

    You don’t know how to get started as an affiliate? Are you confused about what kind of affiliate site you should create? You want to build a highly profitable affiliate marketing business? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place. 😉


Top 5 Reasons Why New Internet Marketers Fail!

  1. Overwhelmed With Information
  2. Anxious To Make Money
  3. Lack Of Time And Resources
  4. Lack Of Necessary Skills
  5. Lack Of Persistence

Internet Marketing is a profession that can prove to be extremely profitable but on the other hand it takes a lot of hard work and determination. People usually learn the basics and then think they can make millions overnight.

The truth is that they CAN create a wealthy and steady income online if they just focus their efforts and don’t give up; BUT THIS IS NOT AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS!

This is where my free Internet Marketing Beginners Guide fit in, to give you a boost with your start-up.

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